Available in May 2018 from Boydell and Brewer: The Medieval Literary: Beyond Form, edited with Catherine Sanok

New article: “The Memorial Form of John Lydgate’s Troy Book,” Exemplaria 29.4 (2017)

Co-Chair, New Chaucer Society 2018 Congress Program Committee (with Claire Waters)

Spring 2018 teaching: Chaucer, Gender, and Sexuality (ENG 340-A)

Fall 2018 teaching: Imagining King Arthur in Literature and Film, 1138-2004 (ENG-310-B); and Leadership and Gender in the Young Adult Fantasy Novel and Film (LDR-101)

Current book projects:  Chaucer and Literary Value: Clerk, Merchant, Squire, Franklin; and The Problem of Literary Value: In Chaucer Studies and Beyond

Co-Editor, Journal of English and Germanic Philology (JEGP)

Author, Poets and Power from Chaucer to Wyatt (Cambridge University Press, 2007)

Curriculum vitae